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My Juicy Foodture: Day 1

1/6/14: My Juicy Foodture – Day 1

On Day 1, according to the plan (courtesy of the Food Babe1), I had my lemon, cayenne and hot water drink first thing in the morning.   Wellllll……  Whu-ha-happ’n wuz…   I put WAY too much cayenne in the water.  Boy, my head was on fire!   headonfire

Note:  You only need a couple of light sprinkles of cayenne pepper in the water!

I then had a shot of the freshly-juiced cranberries.  Here’s another tip for ya:  Freshly-juiced cranberries taste NOTHING like the cranberry juice you get in your Cosmo at the bar.  In fact, after tasting fresh cranberry juice, I now have no freakin’ idea what that is that they serve in the bottles labeled “Cranberry Juice” at the grocery store and bars!  Anyhoo, the tip here is to make sure you only use about 2 tablespoons of fresh cranberry juice, and mix that with about 1/2 a glass of clear, fresh water.  MUCH more palatable that way.  Trust me.

As for the recipes, they all actually tasted pretty dern good!  I think my favorite of the day was the Ravishing Red.  And that’s a good thing, because the plan calls for Ravishing Red several times.

As for my hunger, energy, and mental state throughout the day?  I’ve got mixed reviews.  I think by the afternoon, my brain was screaming “FEED US, Dangit!!”  However, was I really starving, about to pass out dead on the floor?  Not really.  I.e., I think the resistance and discomfort was more mental than actual/physical.  So, we pressed on.

HOWEVER, if you’ll recall, I do have medical issues, and as such, it’s important for me to eat regularly throughout the day and take my meds; so this juicing all day thing was pushing it.  Luckily, thanks in part to my gymming, I now can discern between any regular bitching/whining that I might do, and real/medical slowing down or action that I need to take.  By night time, my internal, invisible nurse was telling me that I really needed to eat something, so I did.  I wasn’t a COMPLETE heathen, though;   I had a salad and some crackers a few hours after my dinner juicing, took my meds, and I was o.k.  I guess the key to give you here is to consult with your doctor before starting any modified eating program, blah blah blah, yahdi, yahdi, yah.  And if you don’t bother talking to your doctor (like most of us), just listen to your body and it should be able to guide you.

We’ll see what Day 2 brings next!



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