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Summer School

Lesson 21: “The Double-Edged Sword of the Media

Lesson 20: “Bless Her Heart…”                                    

Semester 2

Semester 2 Review                                                       

Lesson 19: Attraction: It Ain’t So Secret                    

Lesson 18: “I’ll Take That Dare, Daggone Monkey!” 

Lesson 17: Being Me                                                     

Lesson 16: The Plague of the Left Brainers                

Lesson 15: Action!                                                         

Lesson 14:  Hello, My Name is Victim                         

Lesson 13: Control:  Who’s Zoomin’ Who?                

Lesson 12: The Gullible Masses                                   

Lesson 11: Pedestalizing.  Beware of the fall..           

Semester 1

First Semester Review:  Heeding the Alarm Clock     

Lesson 10:  What’s Going on in that Head of Yours?               

Lesson 9: Attachments to Rancid Relationships (Calling a Spade a Spade.)           

Lesson 8: Wanna Role Play?                                         

Lesson 7: Time for a “Clutter Colonic”?                     

Lesson 6:  “Joggin’ Uphill on the Hedonic Treadmill”

Lesson 5: “Mine, Mine, Mine!!!”                                    

Lesson 4:  “The Justification Jaundice”                      

Lesson 3:  “Knock Knock.  Who’s There?  It’s Eeeee-go!”

Lesson 2:  “Is You Who You Say You Is?”                    

Lesson 1:  “Let’s Make a Deal:  Door #1 or Door #2?”

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